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December 24, 2013
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"Window spray cleaner, check." You messily crossed off Levi's present on your to-do list and walked into the beverage aisle of the large market. Your eyes attentively scanned the narrow shelves that were stocked with various brands of tea, all in which were packaged and designed almost identically. 

"We are running out of tea, though." You leaned in closer and carefully analysed each type of tea. The only brand that stood out was one with gold borders on the packaging, lacking a visible logo. Stamped over the logo was some printing:

Humanity's Strongest Soldier approves of this tea! 

You almost choked on your spit as you let out a contagious laugh, grabbing the box while you were at it. The store had probably noticed Levi buying this type of tea so often that they decided to advertise it. It didn't matter to you that it was extremely pricey, but purchasing this supposedly Corporal-approved box of tea was certainly important.

 "This could be an extra present for him." You stifled your laugh. "He's going to hate this so much that he'll like it."

Because you decided to wait last minute to purchase the man's gift, you couldn't attend the Christmas Eve party that was being held. Passing the dining hall, you listened to the muffled laughs and the sound of glasses clinking together. Snow covered the green scenery outside while the atmosphere grew brisk and misty. The corridors that ran through the building were decorated with blinking lights, and you couldn't help but acknowledge the Legion's Christmas spirit.

Making your way into yours and Levi's room, you hid the package of tea separate from the window spray after you'd wrapped it in gold wrapping paper. The tea didn't need wrapping, as it was like a stocking stuffer. 

"Took you long enough," Your bedroom door swung open, creating a sharp creak in the hinges. The French man crossed his arms and advanced towards the bed with steady footsteps. He quickly unbuckled his gear straps, lips slightly parted at ease. 

"How was the party?" You asked from the bathroom. 

"Boring." He replied, his voice blunt and unchanging like always. The man began unbuttoning his shirt, exposing his scarred yet toned torso. Ruffling his hair, Levi sat himself at the edge of the bed with his forearms resting on his legs. "Hurry up in there." 

"Impatient as ever," You giggled and opened the door. "You can do your business now."

"I don't need to shit. But you need to hurry the fuck up and get into bed," You wrapped your arms around his neck and kissed the man softly on his lips as a pair of arms wrapped around your waist and pulled you closer. The two of you settled down together with you curled up against the dark haired Corporal's chest, his heat radiating off you.

"Goodnight, Levi."


It was Christmas morning, meaning it was the French Corporal's birthday as well. Like everyday, he was the first to get up and place a quick peck on your cheek, though you never felt it. Through half opened eyes, Levi began his daily morning routine with the same expression he always wore. Get up, get dressed, brush teeth, then exit the bedroom. But today, he'd spotted a distinct green box that sat in the corner of your closet. 

Curious, he narrowed his eyes and snatched it from the corner. The Corporal was never one to look into things like Hanji, but because this box came from you, it sparked his curiosity. He read the false advertisement and grimaced for a brief moment, his head tilted up in a disgusted manner. "Idiot." The man exited the room, carrying the package of tea with him.


You woke to the sound of Christmas music playing softly from an unknown source. Sitting upright, you groggily swung your legs over the bed and checked on the gifts.

"What?!" Your eyes frantically flickered left to right, hoping to find the Corporal-approved tea in the closet. A string of curses left your lips as you slapped the palm of your hand repeatedly on your forehead. "Where did I leave it?" You looked under the bed and found the wrapped window cleaning spray, just where you remember hiding it. 

"That tea was freaking expensive, too," You whined, self disappointment settling at the pit of your stomach. The thought of Levi taking it hadn't crossed your mind at the time, and so you decided to just give it to him when you found it once again. Surprisingly, you brushed it off well and headed to the main floor without changing. Everyone had already gathered and said their Merry Christmas' and Happy Birthdays earlier. 

"(Name!)" The brunette squad leader called out, throwing her arms in the air. "He has already opened all the gifts without you! I told him to wait for you but he didn't want to, so now you're the only one left!" Your eyes locked with his blue gray eyes, and a smile curved on your lips.

"Merry Birthday, Levi." The smallest smile tugged at the corner of his lips for a millisecond before he lifted up the Corporal-approved box of tea, chin resting on his hand. 

"Looking for this?"

"Hey!" You pouted and pointed childishly at the package of tea. 

The majority of the Legion let out hearty chuckles in unison. "Wait, so that means there's no more gifts for Levi to open?" Hanji frowned. 

"No, I still have this." You pulled a box out from behind and handed it to the Birthday Man, who was visibly unamused. 

"What is this?" He scrunched his brows and glared at the neatly wrapped box you held. 

You grinned. "Just open it." 

Reluctantly, the man tore off the elegant paper and threw it aside, beginning to unravel the box. The reaction you'd gotten from Levi was much more expressive than you'd imagined. His sharp, gray eyes lit up while his brows slightly twitched. He held the window cleaner to eye level and began inspecting it. A few soldiers sighed and a few were startled by the range of emotions that spread through his face in such a short period of time. Nonetheless, it was adorable, you thought.

"You like it, don't you?" You folded your hands behind your back, grinning.

You received a cold glare from the man, all emotions quickly fading from his features. "Party dismissed. I have business that needs to be cleared up." You knew by 'clearing up' that he meant wipe the windows until they're 100% pristine. 

"And I will help."


"Hey Levi, why do you enjoy cleaning?" You asked, wiping the windows in circular motions.

He rolled up his sleeves and pulled his white sanitary mask up. "I don't. I just like things clean. What kind of freak enjoys cleaning?" The dark haired man spat, going on his tippy toes to reach a brown speck. 

"Oh? So you didn't like my gift then?"


"If not, then what did you really want?"



"Does it look like I need anything?" Pausing, you let his words sink in. There had to be something he wanted. 

"There has to be at least one thing you want!"

"Don't be an idiot, (Name.)" He said rather harshly.

"What do you-"

"I have you, don't I?"

Contest entry for :iconrivaillefc:
Also a request for :iconozzayoz:
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Humanity's strongest soldier approved. I loved so hard I am going to do that to my friend who cosplays him :)
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Levi who you kissin in dat pic..?  x3
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It's so cute! I really choked up on my spit on the tea approval thing.
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OMG I love this so cute so funny so sassy so YES!!!
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